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Posted by BM. on Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mechi ya ufnguzi Kombe la dunia huko Afrika kusini katika uwanja wa Soccer City , Johannesburg kati ya wenyeji Bafana bafana na Mexico ilimalizika kwa sare ya 1 kwa Moja. Mchezaji Siphiwe Tsabalala (Pichani hapo chini)ndiye aliyezitikisa nyavu za Mexico kunako dakika ya 55 kipindi cha pili na baadaye Rafael Márquez wa Mexico akarejesha bao hilo kunako dakika ya 79 na kuufanya mchezo kukamilika kwa sare.
Habari zaidi kwa kisukuma!
FIFA World Cup 2010 witnessed a superb and swanky celebrations yesterday where the biggies of the showbiz trade performed to entice the audiences present there and situated before the TV screens. The hip shaking dance movements’ performance by Shakira was the one got huge headlines on all the channels and in the media across the globe. The World Cup kick started earlier today getting all the eyeballs fixed on the TV screens. The entire world has got crazy for the football phobia and everyone has left the whole assignments to watch the matches grabbing the couches and having the tea-cups in hands sitting in front of the televisions. The moment the opening match between Mexico vs. South Africa 2010 began, the anxious eyes just stayed opened till the match reached to the end. The match turned tie with the score 1-1.
Siphiwe Tshabalala (55′) scored 1 for South Africa and Rafael Márquez (79′) scored 1 for Mexico. The Mexican was dominating the game initially in the match but sensing it that the opposites were riding on them, the South Africans played brilliant counter attack game. The match ended in a draw thus enabling the host to become the sixth host nation, which has drawn their opening match of the tournament. The previous five were England in 1966, Mexico in 1970, Spain in 1982, USA in 1994 and Japan in 2002 respectively.
South Africa saw huge fan following in the match since they are the host of the tournament therefore got the advantage of the same. The others in this group are France and Uruguay in addition to South Africa and Mexico.
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