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Umefika mahali unapopahitaji ...karibu!

Posted by BM. on Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jiji la Niigata katika picha!
A woman fatally stabbed her two children and then tried to kill herself at their home in Kayam, Niigata Prerecture, on Thursday, police said.
Police said they discovered two children bleeding from multiple stab wounds to their heads, chests and backs at their home after receiving an emergency call from the mother just after 6 a.m.The children, a girl aged 12, and and a boy, 15, were rushed to hospital where they later died. Their 47-year-old mother had also sustained cuts to her chest and wrists. She was quoted by police as saying: “I did it,” but did not give any motive.According to police, the boy was found near the front door and his sister was found on her futon in her room. There was evidence of extensive bleeding and a kitchen knife had been dropped. All three were found in their pajamas.
Their father, 56-year-old company employee, had not yet returned home from a night shift.